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Pre Emptive Section 44

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On the weekend of 31st December 2005 and 1st January 2006 our zone was decalred Pre-emtive Section 44 (For more infomation on what a Section 44 is,Click HERE) due to the extreme temperatures and weather conditions expected. During this time we had 2 stike teams deployed. One to Belrose to assist with a large Grass fire & the other to the Gosford/Woy Woy fires.

The photos below are of our Comms Staff at work in the Operations Centre along with the Fire Control Staff. The other photos are of the strike team that was deployed to Belrose.

During this time the following Positions were appointed within the zone:

Incident Controller - Richard Petch (normally Zone Manager)
Operations Day - Tony Gray (normally L&D)
Operations Night - John Bennett (normally Operations)
Logistics - Anthony Head (normally Comms Supervisor)
Management Support Officer 1 - Lynda Pearson (normally Zone Administration)
Management Support Officer 2 - Karen Back (normally Comms member)

A Big thankyou to all members who assisted on this weekend

Stirke Team Deployment Area with operations (Tony Gray) Backround

Tony Gray (operations) and Managemnet Support officer Karen Back

Anthony Head Logistics Officer

Logistics Officer Orgaising Welfare for Crews

Karen Back Management Support Officer

Comms Member Mark Assisting with Telephone Calls

Strike Team Photos

These photos of the stike team vehicles lined up ready to go at the Operations Centre The applainces in this stike team are:

Regentville 1
Llandillo 1B
Schofields 1
Mulgoa 1A
Wallacia 1

These vehicles were sent to belrose to assist with a rather large grass fire threating homes and an industrial estate.

Photo of the weather Computer When the RCI (Red Cordial index) was at Extreme.

Photos Supplied by Troy Green

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