About Us

The Cumberland Zone Communications Brigade provides Radio Communication for approx 1000 firefighters from 16 Brigades across the Local Government Areas of Fairfield, Blacktown & Penrith

Using Various Types of Radios including: Simplex, GRN, VHF, UHF.

We are located and operate out of our Zone Operations Centre at Regentville. Please see the Calendar Page for further information on meeting times etc.


Below are some photos and items from both Blacktown & Penrith Comms Groups History.

Click here to veiw the list that was use to contact members for emergency phone faults

Click here to view a newspaper article from when the FCV was handed over to the service in 1991.

Click here for a photo of the initial fit out of the FCV

Click here for a photo of a handheld radio box built for Blacktown comms group

Below we have to rosters from the Blacktown comms group

Click here to view a roster form Jan 1994

Click here to view a roster form Oct 1982

All items above were provided by Brian Mackenzie

You can also check out some of the history photos on the photo page.

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