Australia Day 2002

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These were taken at the Penrith Lakes Scheme on Austraila Day 2002

Australia Day 2002

From Left to right:- FCV2, Llandilo 1A, FCV


Photo of Comms Members including:- Nathan Brookfield (NLM), Jenny Mackie(NLM), Leanne Williamson, Renee Pearson(NLM), Mark Anderson(NLM), Ralph Jenner, Stephanie Thompson(NLM) & Keria Williamson (in Pram)

(NLM No Longer Member).


From Left to right:- FCV, OCV, and FCO 1 Vehicle.

Comms Member Going For a Dip

Comms Member Faye Garven has taken her shoes off ready to go for a dip in the lake.


From Left to right:- Llandilo 1A, FCV & OCV.

Photos Supplied by Lynda Pearson

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