Baulkham Hills Section 44

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On the weekend of 23rd September and 24th September 2006 some extreme temperatures and weather conditions were experience by the Rural Fire Service. During this time we had some unusually high temperatures for this time of year, assisted by high winds reaching over 100 kph in some areas.

The Cumberland Zone assisted with 2 strike teams and 2 Communications members

Our Communications Deputies Peter Hyett & Troy Green attended Baulkham Hills Rural Fire District to assist with communications for a fire which had been declared a Section 44 under the Rural Fires Act 1997.(For more infomation on what a Section 44 is,Click HERE)

They Left Cumberland at approx 1800hrs and arrived at Baulkham Hills Fire Control Centre at approx 1850hrs and after receiving a briefing were put straight to work assisting with telephones, Messages, Fire Calls.

At approx 2000hrs they were advised they would be required to man the Baulkham Hills FCV to leave FireCom at 2130hrs and head to Maroota South Hall and assist at the staging area.

Upon arrival at Maroota Hall the FCV was set up and operational within minutes and they were assisting with the locations & tasking of appliances, welfare for crews, mapping and various other roles.

The FCV was released from the Maroota Hall at approx 0200 and our members returned to the Cumberland Zone.

Baulkham Hills were also assisted by other Rural Fire Service communication crews from Hornsby & Gosford.

Baulkham Hills FCV set up at Maroota Hall

Photos Supplied by Troy Green
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