Equipment Familiarisation/Training Day

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On Sunday 13th April 2008 a combined RFS & NSWFB training exercise was held. Crews from both organisations attended the training briefing at the RFS Cumberland Zone Training Centre.

The purpose of the exercise was to familiarise both RFS & NSWFB crews with the availability of a common simplex radio channel which both services can utilise when at an incident to liaise with each other. At the briefing an explanation of the channels and how to access these channels on the radios of each service was given. RFS crews were then given an opportunity to look over some of the NSWFB units and given an explanation of some of the equipment carried by NSWFB.

All RFS & NSWFB units then proceeded to Lake Woodcroft to take part in a pumping exercise. Throughout the exercise communications and radio checks were made via the Emergency Services Organisation Liaison Channel.

Brigades/Units that attended were:

Eastern Creek
Horsley Park
OCV - Communications

Ariel Pumper 97
Hazmat 77


Photos Supplied by Morag Conroy

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