Our OCV is a 1989 Model Toyota Coaster. This vehicle is used for a variety of things such as: Command point for large incidents, Air Operations/Communications at Air Bases, Control Point for Special Events.

The Vehicle carries a range of equipment including various Radios, Computer, Fax Machine, Weather Station. A few luxury items aswell including a fridge, TV and VCR.

The type of Radios the Vehicle has are:-

1 x Motorola XTL 5000 03 PMR/GRN/SIMPLEX

5 x Motorola xtl 5000 05 PMR/GRN/SIMPLEX

1 x Icom ICF-2010 25 VHF Watt Fire Ground Radio

1 X Icom 40 Watt VHF Fire Ground Radio

1 x Icom IC-A200 VHF Ground to Air Radio.

1 x GME TX-3200 5 Watt UHF CB Radio

1 x Tait T2020 Series II 25 Watt VHF NPWS Radio

1 x GSM Analogue Telephone Adapter (Allowing us to use a GSM SIMCARD for Voice, Data & Fax on the Fireground).

The OCV also has a computer with mapping software on it and is internet enabled. A Weather Station on the OCV allows us to give accurate up to date and on the spot weather information for the immediate location of the vehicle.


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