Zone Field Day 2006

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On Sunday 7th May 2006 the cumberland zone held its annual Field Day.

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Brigades that participated are

Berkshire Park
Eastern Creek
Erskine Park
Horsley Park

Marsden Park
Orchard Hills
Shanes Park

St Pauls Cadets
Orchard Hills Cadets
Llandillo Cadets

Visiting Brigades


Other Attendees

Cumberland 1 (Zone Manager)
Cumberland 2 (Operations Inspector)
Cumberland 5 (L&D Inspector)
Group 1

Group 3
Group 4
Group 8
Bulli 13

The Events that were held on the day are:

Tanker Event

The Tanker event involved members driving their truck through a set course, A pumping activity and extinguishing several small fires along the way

Horsley Park Preparing to do the Tanker Event

Extinguishing the oil fire

Pumping Exercise

Extinguishing the "hay fire"

MVA Event

This event involved crew responding to a fully simulated motor vehicle accident. The crews had to the perform all duties as if the incident was real.

Thanks to the VRA for their assistance with this event

Oakville Setting up for the event

Gaining access to the person trapped in the car

Moving into place

Leadership event

This event involved crew becoming involved in an overrun situation. The crews then had to simulate an emergency drill.

LPG Event

Crew had to rescue a victim whilst cooling lpgas cylinders with venting flame. Bellow are pictures of Bulli 13 which assisted with water supply to Regentville pumper for this event.

45000 litres of water in here

Pump on the back of bulli 13 feeding Regentville Pumper

Moving into place

Photos Supplied by Troy Green

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