Zone Field Day 2007

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On Sunday 6th May 2007 the Cumberland Zone held its annual Field Day.

Below are photos of our Comm's Staff at work in the OCV and in the feild.

The OCV was set up to control field day operations and scoring.

Brigades that participated are

Berkshire Park
Eastern Creek
Erskine Park

Orchard Hills
Shanes Park

Regentville Cadets
St Pauls Cadets
Orchard Hills Cadets
Llandillo Cadets

Other Attendees

Cumberland 1 (Zone Manager)
Cumberland 2 (Operations Inspector)
Cumberland 5 (L&D Inspector)
Group 1

Group 2
Group 4
Group 8
Red Cross

The Events that were held on the day are:

Tanker Event

The Tanker event involved members driving their truck through a set course, A pumping activity and extinguishing several small fires along the way

Hose Pump & Ladder Event

The Hose Pump and Ladder Event invovled crews draughting water from barrels using a portable pump and crew members climbing a ladder and Extinguishing a fire.

Knapsack & Handtool Event

This event involved crew raking a Trail, utilising a knapsack to extinbuish a small fire and some simple first aid.

First Aid event

This event involved crew treating simulated casulties with basic first aid skills.

Thanks to the red cross for their assistance with this event

LPG Event

Crew had to rescue a victim whilst cooling lpgas cylinders with venting flame.

Thanks to all members who assisted on the day. A good time was had by all!

Comms 1 Ron Freeman & member Tim Warne assisting on the Knapsack and Handtool Event

Members Gwenda & Sharron timekeeping on the Tanker Event

Member Eric allocating Teams to Events

Member Pat Carter Monitor feild day operations on the radio.

The FCO's Discussing What time lunch will be?...

Some of the Comms crew that attended

The comms vehicle for the Tanker Event

Comms 3 Peter Score Tallying with gwenda monitoring the feild day radios

Photos Supplied by Troy Green

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