DEOH Hazard Reduction

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On Friday evening 6th October 2006, the Cumberland Zone conducted a hazard reduction at the Defence Establishment at Orchard Hills. (DEOH)

The hazard reduction was commenced at 1830hrs and concluded at 2300 hrs and was declared a success.

Approx 155ha was burnt.

Brigades that assisted were

Berkshire Park
Eastern Creek
Marsden Park

Orchard Hills
Luddenham (Macarthur Zone)
Kemps Creek (Macarthur Zone)
Glenbrook/Lapstone(Blue Mountains)

Comm's were responsible for the staging area & fireground communications

The comms members that attended were.

Ron Freeman (Comms 1)
Peter Hyett
Morag Conroy
Troy Green

Below are photos of the fire and our comm's group at work.

Vehicles at the staging area at the beginning of the night

All set up

FCV Set up as the Command Point

The initial lighting of the HR at the rear of the area

Glenbrook/Lapstone 1 Heading off to assist in bravo Sector

The Fire.

Comms 1 Ron Freeman holding an interesting sign.

Mulgoa 9 putting in part of the burn

Comms member Troy Green passing a message over the radio

The Command Point/Staging Area

Comms members Morag and Peter working hard

Mulgoa 1A at work mopping up the edges

The fire in Bravo Sector as seen from the Command Point

Before the fire

The fire in Charlie Sector with support 4

Fire in Alpha Sector

The fire in Alpha Sector

The Safety Officer (Group4)

The crew from Marsden Park

Don Deppler assessing the heat of the fire. It was Hot!

The fire moving along nicely

Photos Supplied by Troy Green

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